Time for Taiwan -- My Beautiful Island 臺灣觀光首支全球電影廣告

16 min (HD) 

Theme Song for the ROC Centennial – Sing It Loud 中華民國建國一百年主題曲 – 高聲唱
Time for Taiwan – My Beautiful Island
July 29, 2011 by ilhaformosaaltomtaiwan
The Tourism Bureau of the ROC (Taiwan) 中華民國觀光局 has released its first promotional short film, titled “Time for Taiwan – My Beautiful Island 暢遊臺灣就是現在-我的美麗之島.” Backpackers, retired couple, young ladies, and a family tours Taiwan to see its beauty. In its nature, culture, and people, especially the people, the beauty is everywhere. We cannot tell you what you will find, but in Taiwan, you will always find something. It’s Time for Taiwan.
Form: http://ilhaformosaaltomtaiwan.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/time-for-taiwan/

1min version.

30sec version.

Taiwanese movies have earned a high reputation in international film festivals over the past few years, giving a different impression of Taiwan, with its vitality of soft power and culture, to the whole world. Last year, the number of tourists to Taiwan reached a record of 5,567,000; to keep the number rising, the Tourism Bureau is targeting 4 categories of tourists: young backpackers, senior couples, young women, and families. A brand-new international promotional film was shot, using movie production values for the first time, to incorporate the island's natural beauty and cultural diversity into a short film. 

The beauty of Taiwan is shown through both images and sound to portray Taiwan's warmth and hospitality to from tourists around the world.

2011-07-10 海賊ONLY - BON VOYAGE!

搞定影片啦 第一次剪接影片q_q

2011-07-10 ONEPIECE ONLY

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